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DeveloperTown - Innovate App Development, Design and Innovation

In the world of startups, entrepreneurs know that risk comes with the territory. But as your business grows, how do you remain agile like a startup while still insulated from that same risk? How do you innovate safely?

DeveloperTown, an Indianapolis-based software consulting firm, is bringing startup energy and approaches to vital problems in enterprise-sized businesses. Going beyond just building a product, they nudge clients to solve a company-specific problem, with all its industry and human context. They’ve created everything from a football prediction app and counterfeit appliance tracker for manufacturers, to a drone-powered, thermodynamic system that tells farmers exactly what seeds and fertilizers to use where.

By leveraging their experience with startups, DeveloperTown designs, develops, and delivers software to help innovative leaders solve business problems. As an Inc 5000 fastest-growing company, their focus is cloud-based software-as-a-service and mobile solutions. DeveloperTown offers a full suite of award-winning design products, including branding, marketing strategy, user experience and visual design, online marketing, and social media.

Mike Kelly is a managing partner at DeveloperTown. He enjoys regularly help teams through training, coaching, and consulting in his role and his background also includes Fortune 100 companies and remote teams.

We discuss how legacy systems are one of the biggest challenges facing businesses at the moment and the most significant trends that Mike is observing at the moment. We also talk about the opportunities in the corporate innovation space and how can businesses turn them into a competitive advantage.

When it comes to corporate innovation Mike is at the top of his game and listening to his experience with tech startups delivers real value to listeners who are curious about how corporate innovators work with businesses to explore software solutions that support their core needs.