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App Helps Water Operators Save Time and Reduce Errors

Waterly CEO and veteran environmental engineer Chris Sosnowski worked with his colleagues and DeveloperTown, an Indianapolis-based software development consultancy, to automate the reporting process for small utilities. Together, Dashboard Finished Flow(kGal) Pump Run Time (hrs.) AH Sites * Prev 7 Days » *** 2109 a-foct 1- i Daily Data Collection © o Waterly's dashboard puts all the information you need right at your fingertips. the Waterly and DeveloperTown teams went on plant tours, meeting water systems operators and discovering where innovation could happen. Feedback from municipal beta users in Illinois helped the developers prioritize features and explain their rankings. Waterly is in the beginning roll-out stage in Illinois. The company plans to expand into other states in the future. Sosnowski hopes Waterly will help set a new standard in water system data collection, management, and analysis for the industry. WW Waterly's water system data collection and reporting tool helps water operators who want and need to collect data and assemble reports by minimizing errors and reducing collection times through technology. For more information, visit Circle No. 248 on Reader Service Card